The Elements of Astrology

Element of Fire
Element of Earth
Element of Air
Element of Water
Mixing the Elements - What Do You Get?


Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

We refer to the element of fire as the force of Spirit. This means that through the fiery triplicity, the primal forces of creative expression are manifested. Fire is the desire for life, the will to be, and, especially in the case of Aries, the act of individualizing the self from the rest of Mankind. It is the element of fire in a horoscope which serves as the animating force behind an individual’s self-assertions.

Positive natural tendency Misuse or exaggeration of trait
Courageous and self-assertive Ruthless and self-imposing
Idealistic and visionary Zealot or fanatic
Helpful and kind Imposes own authority at all times
Simulates creative expression Destroys the efforts of others
Active life force Dissipates life force through sensual exercises
Ardent and strong Self-indulgent and loud



Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

We refer to the earthly element as the force of Form (or Body). Man’s strongest instinct is the will to be and the first manifestation of that desire is to create something out of matter to prove his existence. Earthly people do this through the gathering of material possessions and the actual building of the physical aspects of Man: his industries, his homes, and his physical body. It is the element of earth in a horoscope behind the needs to be practical, cautious, and very understanding of Man’s ambitions toward material security and physical pleasures.

Positive natural tendency Misuse or exaggeration of trait
Provides necessities Hoards resources
Bestower of opportunities Seeks control over others
Deep emotional understanding Lack of true empathy
Good sense of timing Manipulation through secrecy
Aware of potentiality Ultraconservative
Delicate and refined Coarse and base



Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

We refer to the air element as the force of the Mind. People who are strongly influenced by the airy signs can be calm and refreshing as a cool breeze. But if their temper is raised, they react with galelike force, shattering the tranquility of the world around them. Air is necessary to convey the words which one person uses to speak to another. It is in its aspect as a communicating and collectivizing agent that air has its most important function in astrology. Through air, Man can reach for ideas in the intuitive mind, and apply them in the realm of human experience. Mind is man’s most important tool.

Positive natural tendency Misuse or exaggeration of trait
Cooperative and gregarious Superficial and loquacious
Inventive and inspirational Imitative and repetitious
Intelligent, quick, and alert Hyperactive, runabout, and nervous
Objective and humane Aloof and cool
Full of balanced ideas Walks on thin air



Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

We refer to the water element as the force of Soul or Emotion. Soul is, in part, the element of human nature which provides understanding and compassion for the feelings of others. People who are extremely influenced by the water element are extremely sensitive to human sentiment and artistic expression. They can seep into the subconscious of others and instinctually, if not intellectually, understand the motives behind other people’s actions.

Positive natural tendency Misuse or exaggeration of trait
Compassionate and understanding Easily put upon by others
Psychic Prone to hallucinations
Sensitive and impressionable Paranoiac and hysterical
Artistic and aesthetic Sensualist and self-indulgent
Romantic Can live in fantasy world
Seeks to help others Seeks to gain control over others
Reserved Exaggerates all feelings out of proper proportions



The Mixing of Elements

Elements Tendency
Fire and Earth The elements can conflict. However, Earth can provide boundaries for Fire, and Fire can provide inspiration for Earth.
Fire and Air These elements are basically compatible. Fire needs Air, but too much Air can cause a Fire to get out of control or blow Fire out.
Fire and Water These elements are antithetical as Fire turns Water to steam and Water puts out Fire.
Fire and Fire This combination can give all impulse but no direction. Too much fire can give too much self-expression without due consideration for other people’s feelings or ideas.
Earth and Air Air tends to stimulate Earth. Earth must be fully oxygenated for fruit to grow. Air, however, cannot penetrate the true depths of Earth, and tends to give only a superficial contact.
Earth and Water These two elements are very compatible, as earth needs water in order to be fertilized for growth of its fruits. The proportions are important. Too much water results in mud, and too much Earth will completely absorb the Water, giving it no life of its own. On the other hand, too little water will result in a desert, i.e., a dry and unfeeling individual.
Earth and Earth This is not the best combination, for it does not supply the stimulus which the earth needs in order to manifest its latent fruitfulness and creativity. Too much Earth in any one horoscope will cause too much suspicion, inertia, and materialism.
Air and Water Air can only touch the surface of the sea. Yet Water must be filled with the gaseous properties of Air in order for it to remain fresh. Water can feel unfulfilled by Air’s lack of understanding of its emotional nature. The two elements do manage to balance each other and are necessary to each other’s primary function. In human nature, the intellect of air will service to modify the oversensitivity of water while the latter will tend to broaden the sympathies of the more intellectual air signs.
Air and Air Too much activity with too little direction can be the result of an abundance of Air. Without the stability of Earth or the emotionality of Water, this combination can turn into a whirlpool of ideas without a practical release into the realm of human experience.
Water and Water Although this combination may give added depth and increased sensitivity, the likelihood of cross-currents is very prevalent. Feelings can be easily hurt, indolence can alternate with whirlpools f stirred-up emotions. In short, too much water leads to instability and a lack of cohesive and realistic focus on affairs of living. © 2005-2020 | All rights reserved